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Re-registration of vehicle in Bulgaria(Sofia)

At the beginning of 2016 in Bulgaria are registered over 3mln vehicles, and only in Sofia through the traffic police administration are passing between 250 and 350 cars a day. However, the Internet user has a hard time finding systematic information and well described  procedures for the registration of motor vehicles. In this article we will try to describe the procedure and the set of documents needed for re-registration of a used car purchased from the country.

1.   Once you have chosen and negotiated your car, you should perform notary transfer of ownership, which certifies that you are the new owner of the vehicle.

2.   Within 14 days after the notary contract of sale (copy and original) along with the two registration certificats and identity card you should go to the traffic police administration where you should change the legal ownership of the car.

3.   Besides the documents mentioned above, you should have third party liability insurance (along with the policy); should have paid raod tax and should have a passed technical inspection.

4.   If the vehicle is registered in the city, which is also your address registration, transfer is only documentary without the need to change numbers and the car to go to the traffic police administration office. If you decide to do it only documentary you should perform only step number 5.

5.   The next step is to take the application for registration, which in Sofia Traffic Police is issued by the counters 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46. Along with the completed application you provide certificates of registration of the car (the two of them), identity document or notarized power of attorney, valid third party liability insurance and the contract of sale (copy and original), then you get the new certificates for registration - at counters 40 and 41.

6.   If you decide to change the registration number of the vehicle you should take the application for registration issued by the counters 54-64 in Sofia Traffic Police Administration. Along with the completed application, you should provide the certificates of car registration (both of them), identity document of the owner with city of residence as the city of re-registration and valid third party liability insurance and the contract of sale (copy and original).

7.   Then you should pass through the so-called "channels" for inspection and identification of the vehicle and then they place the new registration plates while seizing the old ones.

8.   Finally, it remains to pick up your new certificates of registration - counters 51, 52 and 53 at the Sofia Traffic Police Administration.

Now you can enjoy driving your new car!